Committed to quality, safety and environmental responsibility, Cleeve takes great care to ensure that all products and services align with industry standards and regulations.

Quality Accreditations and Approvals:
• ISO 9001 – Certified
• AS9100 – Certified
• SC21 – Certified
• ITAR/Controlled Goods – Certified

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Tel: +44 (0)1793 490456

About Us

Cleeve Technology Ltd. (Cleeve) is a high-tech, innovative company with a high standard of excellence in the electrical interconnect sector of the aerospace and defense industries. Based in Swindon, England, it was established in 2003 by the privately owned Canadian company, Cleeve Technology International, to serve European markets with high efficiency.

​Our Markets Include:

  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Military Aerospace (exposed areas, under carriage, SWAMP areas, etc.)
  • Military Marine (weapon systems, cable terminations)
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial/Commercial and Automotive (high-end)
  • Renewable Energy